Strangest of All Anthology of Astrobiological SF

Edwin Rod

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This Sci Fi E-book caught my attention today and looks very interesting

IntroductionJulie NovákováIs anyone out there?This is an age-old question we are yet to answer.Speculation on alien life is nothing new. The Greekatomists considered the plurality of worlds and “otherearths inhabited by different tribes of men and breeds ofbeasts”1; 16th century Italian priest and occultist GiordanoBruno speculated about “infinite multitude of worlds”2; thefamous philosopher Immanuel Kant wrote in his Critique ofPure Reason that he would bet everything that at least someof the known planets were inhabited.Nor is science fiction working with the idea of lifeelsewhere or not quite as-we-know-it anything new. One ofthe first such works was penned by the great JohannesKepler himself and published posthumously. The novelSomnium tells a story of a boy, who’d studied astronomywith Tycho Brahe, and the boy’s witch mother, who hadlearned from a demon that the Moon (“Levania”) isinhabited. They both undertake the shocking journey to visitit, and there is an abundance of description of both thecreatures of the Moon and – in this case quite accurately, inaccord with science of that time – the Earth seen from there.The 17th and 18th century saw an increase of stories oflife elsewhere in space, and after the birth of modern science

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