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Hi Everyone


The usual starcharts and newsletters are attached for the month, along with two interesting papers on Anthropology one takes a look at Easter Island and another the DNA of people outside of Africa. There is an interesting look at Zealanada our small continent mostly submerged. There is also a look at why many Sub Neptune planets are the size they are, and perhaps the distant proposed Ice Giant could fit into this category of planet too.


Again there is no shortage of interesting research out this month but if I had to pick out a personal highlight it was the paper looking at the search for an outer ice giant in our solar system. If you’re interested in exo planets, Seti and Red dwarfs there will be lots to keep you occupied!


Research papers

Transiting Planet Detection Limits for Nearby Late Red Dwarfs

Chemical Diversity of Super-Earths As a Consequence of Formation

The Design of a Space-based Observation and Tracking System for Interstellar Objects

Maximal Gravity at the Surface of an Asteroid

Concerns about ground based astronomical observations

The TRAPPIST-1 JWST Community Initiative

A Census Of Coronal Mass Ejections On Solar-like Stars

Three planets transiting the evolved star EPIC 249893012

Numerical study of the evaporation valley and transition from super-Earths to sub-Neptunes

The Impact of Planetary Rotation Rate on the Reflectance of Terrestrial Exoplanets

Atmospheric Erosion by Giant Impacts onto Terrestrial Planets

Habitable zones around almost extremely spinning black holes

The Orbit of Planet Nine Derived from Engineering Physics

Using Data Imputation for Signal Separation in High Contrast Imaging

Effect of vegetation on the temperatures of Trappist-1 planets

Evidence for Spin-orbit Alignment in the TRAPPIST-1 System
Characterizing deposits emplaced by cryovolcanic plumes on Europa

Physical Reality and the Unobservables of Physical Nature

The K Dwarf Advantage for Biosignatures on Directly Imaged Exoplanets

Planet formation around M dwarfs via disc instability

Interstellar comet 2I/Borisov as seen by MUSE

Dynamical characterization of the multiple planet system GJ 1148

Water delivery to dry protoplanets by hit-and-run collisions

Magnified X-Ray Binaries as Passive Beacons in SETI

A Framework for Optimizing Exoplanet Target Selection for the James Webb Space Telescope

On the impact of tides on the transit-timing fits to the TRAPPIST-1 system

Potential Backup Targets for Comet Interceptor

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