System down

David Russel <djrussel@...>

To ALL Arcane list members,

the following is a FYI.
it should not affect us much if we are giving people the information
about this list on Sunday. Also, the traffic is so low compared to
other lists -- i've seen 100 messages in one day on one list which made
me VERY glad I'd taken it in the digest form and actually only got 4
Digests each with 25 messages.

See you on Sunday

ps, ran into an Isetta owner in SJ named Tom Lighthouse and am trying to
get him to attend, although he isn't about to drive the little one to

Dear Yahoo! Groups Members,

The Yahoo! Groups service will be down for scheduled maintenance
Friday, March 15, 9:00 PM PST (GMT-8) as we move our servers to a new
facility. We expect the service to be restored the morning of Sunday
March 17.

During this time the web site will be unavailable and email will not
be delivered. (Some users may experience email non-delivery notices
while the service is down, but all email should be delivered once
service is resumed.) Please note: once the service is restored, there
will be email delays due to backlog. We expect these delays to last
no longer than 1 day. Please do not re-send email to your group as
this will only add to delays.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The Yahoo! Groups Team