Lockheed H

Scott Davis

For the Toyota sports 800, which also has hydraulic tappets in an aluminum case, it is possible to go oversize using a different lifter, or sleeve the lifter bore. Either is a workable solution. 

Fortunately, they rarely wear out the bore, tappet face failure is more common. 


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Like attempts to put hydraulic lifters in air cooled VW cases, if the lifter bores wear more then 0.002” - the hydraulic  lifters make noise. 
On the original air cooled blocks with solid lifters, if the bored are worn you loose oil pressure like crazy - it’s exactly the same on the Jowett - excessive wear in the lifter bores, causes low oil pressure, lifters will knock.
VW guys are aware of this wear, they have the lifter bores bushed with bronze bushings, but that technology is aimed at VW lifter bore sizes and case spacing, so custom work would be needed on the Jowett.
I have Jowett, so I have thought about this issue, going to solid oversize lifters and reaming the case is but one option - of several - all a matter of $ vs originality.

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I figure that this is fairly arcane on multiple fronts, and that this is a knowledgeable group, so I wanted to ask if anyone can help me out here. My 1952 Jowett Javelin is noisy as all get out, due to what I currently think may be failed hydraulic tappets. 

Early Javelins used Lockheed hydraulic tappets. My understanding is that Lockheed licensed an American design and tried to sell the British industry on it, but had very little luck. As a result, they were only used in two limited production cars before being discontinued. This means spares aren’t readily found, nor is information.

I filmed this video in the hopes that someone in this group might recognize the original source of the design, and that I might be able to get some more information or (there’s no way I’m this lucky) even find spare parts.

Let me know if you have any details!