Hot rod events we might crash

David Russel <djrussel@...>


see below where I just pulled some local or semi-local events off of a
Hot-Rod site. We may not have any hot rods with stroked, bored, or
blown engines, but I'll bet that we could blow a few minds with our
arcane cars!


San Carlos, CA 1st Wednesday of every month (no time of
day provided but it sounds like a car wash & wax event which should be
A Fun Park & Shine is held at Houlihan's at San Carlos Airport.
April through September. Call: 650-368-8212

San Jose, California Tuesday Nights All Year Round
Burger Barn Corner of Forest Ave. & Winchester Blvd. from 5:00
to 8:30 pm

San Jose, California:

April 6, 2002 Fresno, CA
Hot Rods of Fresno presents 2nd Annual Tower
Classic Car Show
Pre '73 Registration 8am-10am. Car show 10am-6pm.
Pre-entry $20.
Day of Show $25.
Call: Charlotte McFerrin (559) 299-1540 or
Garland Sharp (559) 434-1313
EMAIL for entry forms: charvet1@...

APRIL 19-21, 2002 Oakland, CA
2nd Annual Oakland Show (2nd Annual? I went to a show at the
Oakland Museum about 3 or so years ago, possibly with a Citroën club
event. it was pretty cool.)
209 744-8090

APRIL 28, 2002 Half Moon Bay, CA
12 Annual pacific Coast Dream Machines Show
650 726-2328

May 4, 2002 S. San Francisco, CA
Ron Covell’s Beginning Steel Workshop 800 747-4631 or 831
(Don't know about this one; maybe it is to teach people how to work
sheet metal to repair or replace body parts???)

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