Ken Nelson

  1. I  to Ca.DMV site this morning to see how to apply for a title on one of my old cars as I had just gotten a bond for the lost title, and while looking for details on title application this site popped up, and I mistakenly thought it was part of the DMV site - WRONG!!!!!!  Below is what popped up on the Mac - and the page "" caught my attention, I plugged in the VIN, the site chugged away supposedly searching stolen car & all sorts of other databases, then asked for $1 charge for the report.  Not suspecting anything, as no PC based "this is an unsecure site" note popped up, I plugged in my card no, which fortunately was instantly declined, I immediately got a fraud alert from Visa, called and learned the ugly truth - a $23 charge instead of $1.  SO don't do what I did, and spread the word that what appears below was on the Url page and avoid "" like the plague!!

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