[FIAT America] Dry Ice Blasting/Cleaning

Larry Sacks

Not Dry Ice but San Jose Steam Clean uses well... steam...

My only complaint was some number of years ago, they cleaned the underside of a car and cleaned all the undercoating off.  Some of it was already peeling so maybe that was for the best but I hadn't planned on that.

On Mon, Oct 3, 2022 at 9:39 AM Fred Johansen <redfred47@...> wrote:
I'm wondering if anyone can recommend an SF Bay Area Dry Ice Blasting/cleaning facility?   I need to do the underside of a running car.    I also need a mobile service if there is such a thing, for some built-in iron stair railings in the house.

Fingers Crossed, RF.

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Geoff Kirkpatrick

That's great to know San Jose Steam Cleaning still exists. I thought I remembered hearing they were no longer in business, which I found disappointing but not unexpected. I'm glad I was wrong.