[Donut Derelicts] FW: Hennessy Automotive Garage Sale - Cool stuff!!

David Russel

Just forwarding for them’s as got too much free room in the garage. 


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FYI. That suit of armor may come in handy for a formal affair.



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Subject: Hennessy Automotive Garage Sale - Cool stuff!!


April 29th FRIDAY starts at 9:00 until 1:00



Hennessy's Automotive Shop Garage Sale

Friday,April 29th, 2022


One Day ONLY!!

Just looking for a fair offer and you can take it home. I do not want to do a garage sale over the internet or phone.

Cash in person, cash in hand. First come, first served.





Shop garage sale 001.JPG



I have lots of cool vintage auto shop stuff and tools. We are doing shop re-organizing and many of these vintage things need to go. The suit of armor is very cool. This stuff will be cheap. It just needs to go. Shop Garage sale with LOTS more of cool stuff. April 29th FRIDAY starts at 9:00 until 1:00


Bicycle built for 4, soap box derby car, Vintage scale, cool rims, Many tools, Sun scope, headlight adjustment set

Hennessy's Automotive 735 Harrison Street Santa Clara 95050


Shop garage sale 008.JPG



Shop garage sale 007.JPG



Shop garage sale 006.JPG


Shop garage sale 005.JPG


Shop garage sale 004.JPG


Shop garage sale 003.JPG


Shop garage sale 002.JPG










Mike and Susan Hennessy



Hot San Jose Nights Mike Hennessy | 408-615-1454


Mike Hennessy | 735 Harrison St., Santa Clara, CA 95050

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I bought 1 of my Powells from Mike Hennesey. It's actually the very first one we looked at in 2015. Wife wanted one with a fishing pole tube. So we passed on it back then. After owning 3 other Powells I texted Mike on my way thru town and he still had it. It was buried in his back lot and he had to move alot of others to get it out. 

It's at my place in Oregon now and it is a very early 1954 model, one of the ones with wood bumpers and wood tailgate. I plan on a full rotisserie restore. 

A few months back I bought another Powell truck, a more civilized model, it's a '56. We have 3 Powell trucks now, Powell mini bike, and a 1930s Powell radio, I started a Powell club on FB in 2016. Brad Powell, son of Hayward Powell came to visit, he interviewed me on our red truck, hope he releases the video soon. Brad has one of his dad's trucks and the only remaining Powell Campcar (motor home). 


Geoff Kirkpatrick

I've got loads of the toy cars, but I am certainly lacking a suit of armor.

And will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.