Car - Toons


Hi All,               
    Here's some humor & old ads that    
might not be appreciated today.       
    Happy motoring,        Lou           
Editorial comments in blue.           




Begin forwarded message:

There’d be some points lost here!




Or you could get a pet anteater.       



Before the days of mandatory child seats.     



      Wonder why your Well water taste slimy.     
Does your bowl catch fire when you throw cigarette butt in the toilet?   
Why doesn't anything grow on your black dirt farm?        



At least the air bag won't hit him.      







I used to love this spot in my folks Hudson.   
It didn't stop that quick anyway despite Hybrid brakes.     







I once saw an ashtray attached to intake manifold that was "Self Emptying" so said the ad.      











This was the only mechanic that wasn't out on Coffee Break.