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Lawrence Rhodes

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  Usa sold Isettas are Not motorcycles. We have 4 wheels.

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Here is an old post. I am not sure what Arcane is. I thought is was small and weird.  Now it seems Pebble Beach is a big deal. What seemed to start out as a poor mans fancy is now autos only?  In California 3 wheeled vehicles are motorcycles. Wouldn't an old Harley be Arcane? Is this Arcane. Messerschmitts are Arcane.  They are technically a motorcycle.  An Issetta is a motorcycle.  I have seen a few motorcycle's here.  One is the 1970's Auranthetic Charger  This sure looks Arcane. Seems to me the group should be called Arcane Vehicles.  Seems there is a lot of latitude here in the past.  So in my opinion keep it small and weird. Lawrence Rhodes

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What a great idea.  Great simple car too.  HowEVer those of you that know my
once in a while electric vehicle posts will know I'm about to suggest replacing
that dinosaur of a drive train with an electric one.  I bet you could for about
a thousand dollars put in a 72v motorcycle drive train.  However to get decent
range the batteries would be a few grand.  That being said it bet rebuilding
that little motor isn't all that hard compared to other larger motors.  It's
nice to have a friend with a shop.  I personally have had a lot of experience
wrenching everything from a Datsun 1200/ Bluebird station wagon.  VW bugs,
Hondas etc..So I'd personally would like to watch help and learn how the
Messerschmidt's are put together so I can build one up with an electric drive
train.  I'd like to have a 200 mile range which I think is possible with this
small efficient vehicle.  Lawrence Rhodes..still looking for that low CD in a
classic vehicle...... City EL Very Arcane Bedford 2CV Enfield Dutton Very Arcane Enclosed motorcycles etracer Horlacher Chapman Wind EV Doran Kit cars & hand builts Triac

After finding all these I couldn't find one Messerschmitt that has been
converted.....Maybe an Arcaner could be a first I'll help.....

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