Anyone In, near, or passing through Sonoma who can do a pick up?

David Russel

Accidentally sent the message below to the old Yahoo list instead of the new list, so making up for the mistake now.  Did get one helpful response from David Hartz in Sebastapol who is willing to step in if all else fails.  Ideally will find someone who can pick it up and bring it south, closer to me in Mountain View.  I'm happy to drive to pick it up but not the 4 hour round trip that Sonoma would be.  Fingers crossed:

Hi, northbay folks,

There is a motorcycle luggage box in Sonoma that I'm interested in but the seller wants it picked up and doesn't seem interested in shipping it, although I'm asking him to reconsider shipping.

If/When he declines the shipping method, the remaining hope is to find someone nearby or who will be driving thru Sonoma and is willing to pick it up for me and hold on to it until a hand-off is arranged either during an Arcane event or when I have a trip to the north or East bay and can swing by to pick it up, or maybe we arrange for the picker upper to ship it to me.

Below is a link to his listing and it is the unit in photo #1 that is of interest. the other box offered is not of interest.  It isn't ginormous but it is a little awkward for packing.