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Brian Kanamu

The MGA is hardly arcane but a great specimen.  I had planned on having some work done at the stellar Brit car shop a tad east of Auburn, expecting the wait list to be long, then a trade or sell on consignment.  Nope, no wait list.  I drop it off tomorrow (12/14) to have the carbs rebuilt and seats done, plus a new grill installed.  Look for it soon on BaT.  It’ll make someone very happy.    


Dad bought the MG new, he’s now 100 years old and doesn’t even remember the car.  He still remembers me.  When he jumps the twig we’ll move back to Sonoma County and this time I’ll embrace the summer fog instead of cursing it.  The Sac Valley is not for me.


I’ve always felt welcome with the Arcaners yet admittedly self-conscious driving an MGA - one of the most recognizable cars out there.  I’ve been flip-flopping between a VW Type 3 or a late model Corvair…  Volkswagens of my interest are just too “normal” (and expensive) so I’ll find a Corvair.  With a Corvair I’ll feel more arcane and have AC so I can drive it to get togethers. 





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First, please note that I have changed my computer, and have lost the windup key for it, so there is every possibility that this e-mail will be going nowhere. 

I received a couple of mailings from members regarding vehicles for sale.

The first is as follows from Bill Young:


 About a year and a half ago I purchased a 1984 2CV Charleston from Roger Littlejohn.   Soon after I had a hip replacement and some serious back issues. The hip is now fine but the back is not.

I’ve put very few miles on the 2CV and have decided to sell it. I have had four 2CVs this one is by far the best. 18000 original miles. New outstanding paint.  New interior.  New top.  New chrome. Etc Etc. The car is a gem. If anyone is interested contact Bill directly at billyoung1228@...


And from Brian Kanamu…Are back issues contagious?

1960 MGA 1600 Roadster for sale or trade
HI gang,
I've decided to part with my MGA due to back issues and the unbearable weather here in the Sacramento Valley.
Although far from arcane, the interest may be here or you might know someone who wants a good one. Dad bought it new, and after sitting in his garage on flat tires and not running he gave it to me a little over ten years ago and I brought it back to life. This is one of "the good ones" and has never failed in its entire life.
Trade would be for an also very nice VW Karmann Ghia '67-71 closed car or conv (or older w/12v conv), Beetle (same as KG), or a '70-71 Type 3.
The good:
- Only superficial rust in a very few places - has always been garaged.
- MGB 5-main motor with a T-9 5-speed from Moss.
- Enhanced cooling - multi-blade fan and thermo aux elec fan. It's never overheated unlike me.
- Wire wheels from Moss.
- Top in excellent condition.
- Runs great and is a joy to drive.
- I have new red leather seat kits from Moss that have yet to be installed.
- New carpet except under dash (I'm claustrophobic). I have the rest of the carpet.
- New master cyl, rear brakes and rear axle seals.
- Detachable trunk rack and a custom fabricated ski rack.
The bad:
- Odometer doesn't work but trip meter does.
- Speedo's internal shield to keep instrument lights from lighting up the ignition light is missing, so with lights on it can make it look illuminated.
- SU carbs need rebuild - I have the kit.
The ugly:
- My brother talked him into painting it yellow in the 1970s, then Dad painted it Ford white in '80. Paint is good except for a very few rock chips and places the yellow is visible. It still looks good and I'm too cheap to slurge on new paint, I have the racing numbers on it to make it look less white and appear to match the orig Olde English White dash.
In the coming months it will have the carbs rebuilt and seats done and then sold on consignment. The shop is outstanding but their wait list is long, It should sell for $20k or a little more.
Any interest please contact me directly: citromatic@...


And lastly, Mike Rhea has decided that it is time for his 1953 Panhard Jr to go to a new home.  Runs really well, but like most unusual automobiles could use tinkering, but only on days of the week ending in the letter  “Y”.

Mike can be reached at dafmike@...

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