re "welcome to this list" ideas

twobahman <tubaman@...>

Hi all,

as I join up on yet another automotive YahooGroup, I think there
should some posting tips given to new members.

it is much easier to post to the list using your regular e-mail
program, not the website posting page.
just add Arcane_autos@... to your address book.

be sure to "trim" and "snip" Quotes when you reply to avoid build-up
of sig files, old messages and Yahoo Ads.

If you do use the Post page, use your "return" key to avoid really
long sentence lines that will run off the edge of the page. (or
remember to check the "wrap message text" option)

Don't forget to edit your membership profile preferences to avoid
extra Spam (the Yahoo default is "More Spam, Please!)

New Topic = New Subject Line!

It is nice to maybe include a short sig file maybe with some or all
of your Arcane Cars so we will all have an idea of your particular
specialities or interests.

This should be fun - the more links to Arcane Cars all over the world
the better :-)

Dave Richoux '67 Austin Estate Wagon, '72 Pinzgauer 710M, '91 Lotus
Elan, '69 Alfa Spyder (for sale)