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I used to go to the Happy Dayz Diner at Bascom and Union on Thursday
Check their web-site at http://www.happydayzdiner.com
Click on the Special Events button, you'll notice a familiar car! They
have a Milpitas location.
There is also an event at Houlihan's in San Carlos, just off 101,
info:(650)368-8212, I think the first Friday of the month.
I used to get together with a few guys at the Burger Barn at Forest and
Winchester on Tuesday nights. One night last summer the guy that owns the
Peel showed up! He lives just down the street. He's got it nicely
repainted red and reupholstered (what little there is) in tan. Maybe you
could meet up with him there. The guy to talk to there is Doug Baldanzi he
has a black primer '32 roadster hiboy. He's real friendly and everyone
him. Tell him I said hi. It's a real friendly group. They call themselves
the Outcasts.

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Hi David,

I'll check with my pal and former Arcaner, Tom Dejohn, to see what he can
tell us about local cruise ins. Tom just moved to Colorado, but I think
used to attend some of these in the San Jose area with his '32 Ford rod.
Tom, do you know of any regular cruise ins in the Peninsula/South
East Bay regions (see previous correspondence on the subject below)?
David, I'll put more info about the Arcane Yahoo Group in the next
newsletter. Tom, if you would like to join the group, the home page for
list is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Arcane_autos/ and with some luck
will get a message from Yahoo inviting you to join. If not try to go to
this page and it should walk you through the sign up procedure.


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This site had some information, but so far nothing as close as
maybe I have the city wrong. http://www.rocknrod.com/rnrgraf1.htm

Will need to explore some Hot rod connections and see if we can turn
something close enough for more members to be willing to risk a night

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Hey folks,

While evening events can sometimes be a little dicey, what with three
teenagers & all, my family would sure be game for this sort of thing
happens on an evening that works for us - I'm all for it. If anyone
more, please post the info!


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Hey guys,

Someone just asked me about a regular get together somewhere in the
Fremont area and it faintly rings a bell, but perhaps you know more
about it.

Apparently, on some regular schedule, people take their rides to a 50's
style diner in the Fremont area and mingle, compare cars, etc., a real
American Graffiti thing (I never did see this movie).

Maybe we could get some Arcaner's together for one of these evenings.
I realize that Night Time events may not work for many of our cars, but
what the heck, for those that can and do make it, there should be plenty
of fun.

Any thoughts?


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