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Dick Tuttle

It was (still is, actually) an old 25 hp VW running at 1,700 rpm on a
governor. I suspect that the low speed

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This is interesting firsthand information.

1. How did you provide more lubrication to the valve guides on the VW
engine? I would think this might have caused valves to stick. The intake would
tend to suck more oil down the stem and burn in the combustion chamber, and
that oil process might bake onto the stem of the exhaust valve.

It is good to know that it worked regardless.

2. The alcohol idea is encouraging for those who can make their own
alcohol for nothing except their own labor, like someone off the grid who needs
to operate a generator.

I wonder if alcohol is what give your Peel the strato-burst of

john jensen

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Propane may keep your oil looking cleaner, but it certainly can pollute.
I worked on a Morgan once when they started requiring propane cars to be
smogged. It was designated as a gross polluter. Had to put a cat on it.
parents lived off the grid in the Sierra and I built them an air-cooled
powered generator system running on LPG. It worked well and was cheap to
run, but the valve guides turned to dust in a few hundred hours. I had
provide special lubrication to them, then it survived well.

Alcohol has two advantages. It allows very high compression and it
provides for a lot of evaporative heat loss. The big hitch is it takes
twice as much so fuel mileage is poor. The more I look at alternative
the better old gasoline looks. We only need to be way more judicious in
its use. The first step is getting rid of Hummers and others of their
obscene ilk. Looks like that is finally starting to happen.

Dick Tuttle

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