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I'm afraid that I didn't do good as far as picture taking. spent a little more time with the video camera, but have no way to get video into the computer. I wasn't planning on developing the film now, but will look into it. I don't think that I took more than 2 or 4 shots on film, and they could be similar to the digital ones, but i'll post anything there is.

Don't know why i didn't take more digital shots as they are 1) FREE and 2) fairly immediate [my cheapo camera came with the computer and doesn't have a built in screen, so until it is connected with the computer I have no idea how good or bad the pix may be. it doesn't take good pics and has trouble in low light, inside lighting, close ups, and more.

ANYBODY who took pics can add them to the album, but first they must join the list. You can browbeat anyone you recall wielding a camera. Was Sina's friend Drew taking any "snaps" as well as the "real" pics?

have a good weekend

On Fri, 22 Mar 2002 10:05:37 -0800 Byron Brill <> wrote:

Cool David. Will you also post the pics from your non-dig camera? I'm
hoping to grab some to put in the next newsletter. Would love to put in a
pic of the either (1) some sort of group shot of all the folks in attendance
or (2) a view of the garage packed with cars!


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Hi guys,

i just posted some pix from the business meeting in the photo section:
<a href=""></a>

You can all add business meeting pix of your own to this album. it
turns out that I took very few pix with the digital camera (it is very
low res.) and the few that were shot on film are still in the camera.

Please feel free to encourage others to join the email list.
Hopefully Sina will add a link for this in the Arcane page. As a
Netscape user, some of the pages are fairly foobahed for me, so I
don't know if she has already done it.

In the meantime you might enjoy the following links
<a href=""></a>
<a href=""></a>


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