Re: Why we don't need gasoline

Dick Tuttle

Sure, we don't need gasoline. All we need is a little air, some gruel, a
pallet, and perhaps a place to relieve ourselves. Unfortunately our
species has not been known to live for what it needs, but rather for what it
wants. Most people seem to want cars and will do almost anything, including
destroying the planet, to have them. The allure is just too great. The
European powers thought if they made motoring almost impossible, it would be
curtailed. Huge purchase and licensing taxes, very expensive fuel, expensive and
difficult to obtain drivers' licenses and impossible parking have done
little to steer folks away from car ownership. As for GM, they had lots of
human nature on their side in dismantling rail transit.

Gasoline is such a marvelous form of energy. It is so sad most of it is
wasted in extravagant miss use. I think I remember reading that the GM EV1,
when the hundreds of pounds of batteries were fully charged, had the energy
equivalent of about one gallon of gasoline. Made me think of what a
precious commodity gasoline is, yet we waste it in our Navigators and Escalades.

Gasoline is not the bane of our existence. Greed and overpopulation are.

Dick Tuttle

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