Re: New Barn finds out of Texas!

Dick Tuttle

Watch out Chas! The killer bees came across the boarder from Mexico to
Texas not long ago. Better call a local entomologist.

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chasgould@... writes:

Well, I finally got those two cars home from Texas, and they are
actually in pretty nice shape.
I am pleased with the overall condition, of these two relatively
original barn finds.
The first is a 1970 or 1971 Saab Model 96, V4, with air conditioning
and low mileage. It is weird because as recently as five or six years
ago, these things were all over the place, but finding one lately has
become quite a bit more difficult.
The second is a 1957 Auto Union (DKW) 3=6 with a factory sunroof. I
had a very nice one of these years ago, and I always regretted selling
it, so I have been looking for a nice example for a long time. This is
great because it is an early suicide door car, and it is really in
very nice condition, and completely unmolested except for a single
repaint in the original colour.
I may end up selling the Saab, as it is a duplicate in my collection,
but the DKW is a keeper. I was sorry to have missed the early 1962
Saab Model 93, but the seller reneged on our deal after a local guy
offered him more money. Oh well, at least we got the DKW! I can't wait
to check it out, and fire it up, and wash that good ole' Texas dust
off of it, as soon as I figure out how to calm down them Texas hornets
who are nesting in the wheel arches!

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