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Here in Portland a few years back, the DEQ would offer you a 700.$ gift certificate good towards a new mountain bike, or a unlimited ride full year bus pass if your car failed emissions. You had to give them your car, of course. The program was hugely popular, too much so. We are now having bicycle road rage problems.


Portland Or.


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I am still not sure the cash for clunkers idea is as green an idea that
some believe. When one considers the amount of energy, resources and
chemicals with great carbon footprint potential that go into making a new car, one
might wonder if running an old one in good condition for some years might
be greener. The fact that older cars are not driven as many miles as newer
ones alone may make up most of the difference. A lot of statistics are
thrown about that beg for clarification. For example the fellow who smogged
my wife's Volvo wasn't sure if the PPM numbers were parts per mile or parts
per million. An Escalade puts out many more million parts than my 2CV.
Some have said that a 1989 car pollutes 100 times as much as a 2009 model.
Maybe so, but one must consider how little a 2009 pollutes. 100 times
almost nothing is still very little.

Dick Tuttle

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