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The problem with the cash for cars in Calif. is it must pass a smog test, and have been in registration for the last two years. Why do they want to get rid of those that are still running good as opposed to those that run bad.
then the cars are sold to car dismantlers who sell the parts off anyway. Then they sell the smog credits off to some large Corp who can't clean up their smoke stack. Makes you sit back and go HUMMMMM
its all about money. They keep offering me $650 for my work van. it cost me $1800 in repairs this year to keep it going. But lets talk about sales tax 10 percent on a new $40,000 truck is $4000. still not ready for a new one when the old one does the job.

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Portland is considering this same "cash for clunkers" program to get newer "green" cars on the road. For the most part it is great idea.

I'll up the ante, I'd give you 651.$ !!


Portland Or.


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Forwarded from the MG T-series list:

California and San Francisco Bay Area T series owners should get a laugh out
of the letter, paraphrased below that I recently got from the Bay Area Air
Quality Management District:

"Dear Vehicle Owner:

Since the registration on your model year 1951 vehicle is expiring soon,
please consider an alternative to driving this vehicle. You can receive
$650 for your 1987 or older car, van or pickup truck from the Bay Area Air
Quality Management District and help reduce air pollution.

The District's Buy Back Program buys and then scraps 1987 and older vehicles.
These older vehicles have less efficient emission control equipment and
therefore produce much more air pollution than newer vehicles. This program
is completely voluntary. If your car is a classic car or otherwise valuable
to you, please disregard this letter."

Needless to say I will be disregarding the letter. No wait, I think I'll
write the BAQMD and ask why they are wasting my taxpayer funds to mail these
letters out to owners of cars as old as mine. Any car of this age still
registered and in operation is already a classic and more valuable to the
owner than the $650 offered. Still I wonder if the "program is completely
voluntary" provision will someday be rescinded?

Time to write your legislators and express your opinions now?

John F. Quilter
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