Re: -The Beat goes on, or: how about a Cappucinno

Dick Tuttle

I too have always liked the Beat, Capupucino and Figaro. It is sad that
here in the land that stands for freedom we are not free to drive these cars.
I bet Hugo Chávez would let me drive one.

As for being right-hand drive, it is really a non-issue. I have been
driving right-hand drive cars in the US for many, many years. The thing is, except
for a Bentley I had, they are all very small, narrow cars. (Morgan 3-wh
eeler, Peel Trident, Reliant Robin.) There is not that much difference in
distance between the right and left seat, and we do very little two lane passing
these days. Now a right-hand drive Hummer could well be an issue, but those
mail truck guys seem to do OK. I wouldn't let the location of the steering
wheel keep me from a car I wanted to own and drive.

Dick Tuttle

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