Re: Lloyd Alex TA in Maine

Dick Tuttle

A few things about Lloyd from a "factory trained" Lloyd mechanic. The
vertical twin engine was based on the success of the British motorcycles of the
era. It was the same bore and stroke as a VW, but with decent breathing and
hemispherical chambers, allowing it to produce 30 hp in the TS configuration.
The 360 degree crank was all roller bearing, the cam ball bearings. Most of
the threads in the die cast cases were cast in steel inserts, an expensive
but strong way to make it. The timing chain tensioner had a black material on
it that had a short half life and crumbled to pieces after a few years. The
bits would get caught in the centrifugal oil filters on the crank webs but
didn't seem to cause problems. I rate it as a very good 600cc engine. The gear
box was not so strong, especially the early 3 speed ones. The Saxomat, which
the floorless car has, was a bizarre device that disengaged the clutch with
a switch at the base of the gear lever. Like the Ferlec, I considered it
best avoided. Almost all of the body panels were bolted together rather than
welded. One could see that assembly was labor intensive, probably a factor
leading to the demise of the Lloyd-Hansa Corporation, which dated back to the
early part of the century.

I still have a soft spot for Lloyds.

Dick Tuttle

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