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Thomas Knapp

I have a simple wall-wart style trickle charger with a molex-type plug which I used to keep my Abarth battery charged between uses. It was switchable between 6 and 12V. I believe it was originally marketed for motorcycles. I think I bought it from J.C. Whitney. A quick search of their site shows 6 or 12v, no combinations:

At $9.99 each, you could have one for 12V and one for 6V without breaking the bank.

A quick check of Harbor Freight Tools shows they have a similar tricle charger:

as well as one which appears to be more substantial:

Tom Knapp

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Anybody have any suggestions for trickle chargers? I've got several cars,
mostly 12v, but with one or two 6v thrown in. I'm looking for a single battery
trickle charger and/or a multi battery charger that will maintain batteries on
cars that don't get driven regularly, particularly through the winter. I'm
after an automatic charger that will taper its charge as required & not cook my
batteries. I've checked out what's available at Automotive Service Equipment
(, Northern Tool (, SJ Discount Tools
( & am poised to order one or more from TP Tools
(, but thought I'd ask the question first of all youse guys that
are so much smarter than me. Any ideas?


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