Re: Importation of new car in pieces

Dick Tuttle

Sorry, folks, but this whole topic has me very depressed and I don't even
want a Smart or any of its ilk. (A Cappuccino or a Beat might interest me,
though!) I think of that line in our national anthem about the land of the free.
We can't even buy some silly little car we might want. What is our government
thinking? We are going to bring thousands of Smarts over here to run over our
kindergarten children, rape our women and choke us with pollution? I am
aghast at this situation and find it unbelievably stupid, like the folks that
brought a Moke over from Australia only to have to crush it at the port of entry
since it was cheaper than sending it back. The number of folks interested in
these kind of cars in extremely small. Saddam Hussein would have let me have a
Smart or a Cappuccino (unless Uday or Qusay wanted them, of course) but we
"free" Americans can't have them. How did it come to this?

Dick Tuttle, dismayed in Santa Clara, California

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