Re: Coil Overs

Keith Murphy

Use to be a shop in Alum Rock that did coil spring mods, I’m sure there are others too, as low rider market and drift cars are big in San Jose .

I would call the 2nd generation owners of Freeman Frame and ask if they lower coil springs or could they recomend a company locally that lowers coil springs :

Basically, you get your acetylene torch, heat a lower coil until it can collapse on to the next coil - that gets you approx 1/2” to 1” drop depending on the coil size - bigger diameter  coils drip more per coil wind then smaller coils.

Now, the engineering wanabee’s will say this is dangerous, the coil could break, but I have yet to see this happen myself - I having lowered coils myself in the old low rider way many times… you can cut a coil off too, but that leaves a blunt edge and it digs into your spring purchases on your frame/chassis, and that mod I have seen break as leverage is focused only on that cut end of the spring,  which is no longer tapered smoothly - you can grind the blunt cut end so it sits flatter in the coil mount, but heating and dropping the coil is easier to control the drop, with repeated heat and bend adjustments, though try to do the coil drop in one heat and bend cycle is preferred.

Coil over shocks require fabrication to your existing coil stops, and if you can’t weld on the hydraulic shock, then your making some sort of mechanical bolt on collar that allows the spring base to move down the shock body and drop the ride height.

On Jul 6, 2022, at 3:44 PM, sujit roy via <sujitroy@...> wrote:

I bought a set of four  lowered car springs for my Triumph. The rear sits lower but the front does not. Someone out ok UK added a coil -over kit to his Triumph so he could adjust the height. I am not into customizing my car, but I want it to sit right on all four wheels. Does anyone know of a shop which can work wit me on a kit? I'm un Cupertino

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