Re: VINS - blue - 83, yel - 85

Ken Nelson

No - mine is a red one that I hauled out of the Sierras somewhere between Chico and Touloumne - it came with an entire front body clip & extra set of doors, hood and trunklid plus curved rear sideglass.  


On Wed, May 4, 2022 at 7:13 AM Dave Smith <gornzilla@...> wrote:
The Sport Prinz wasn't Warrens. He let me know about a couple his friend Dean was selling. Warren would ride his Ural or one of his Trihawks up to Roseburg to visit Dean once a year or so and I was living in Portland during breaks from working overseas.  

Is it the light green Prinz that used to belong to Pete Husing and then Norm Walters?  

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