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Craig Parada

I won’t lie, it’s all out there: Miller, if you’re looking for one-off automobiles, and Cord for production vehicles–1930

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Well well, and here I thought Citroen invented production FWD!  And what's really impressive about this Ruxton bit is the push/pull shifter which may be where the 2CV got its cueball!  So - is there any other obscure marque which REALLY was the first FWD vehicle?  Anyone? 
And please don't anyone suggest the horse! 


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Video Premiere:
THE FIRST American Front Wheel Drive Production Car

Today, we're picking a very special car out of the Petersen Vault presented by Hagerty - the Ruxton Runabout. This classic car from the Petersen's own car collection is not only rare but extremely forward-thinking.

The innovative Ruxton was one of the first series-produced, front-wheel-drive cars built in America. Novel for the day, the drive system did not require the use of a traditional driveshaft, which allowed designers to build a car that was so low it did not need running boards. Ruxtons were built at both the Moon automobile plant in St. Louis, Missouri, and the Kissel automobile plant in Hartford, Wisconsin, but the firm was not well-financed and failed after only about 500 cars were built. This is one of just four roadsters known to survive and is powered by a 100 horsepower, straight-eight engine. Though unusual, the light raspberry and orchid colors are correct for the era.
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