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Ken Nelson

I had no intention of disparaging any group, but enjoyed the quirkiness ot these photos and passed them on after getting them from a friend I used to work with.  Wish I had thought of retitling it "repurposing things\".  Even tho I went to school near LA  and have gone west every winter for the last 17 yrs I still pass on the crack "why are Californians like granola"?  You know the rest - but I am a genuine Westerner, so consider myself allowed to repeat the line!


On Sat, Nov 27, 2021 at 6:33 PM morticia wheeler <morticiawheeler@...> wrote:
I see these things posted elsewhere quite often and have never before commented on them. .I agree that these solutions are often creative but the reality is these are  almost always posted to disparage  people not to applaud sound engineering , The endless 'redneck' and 'Florida Man' type jokes are pretty much the Blonde or Polish jokes of today. I get it, they can be funny but as you mentioned they are not even pictures from the south so why use the term "Southern Innovations" instead of 'Creative Innovations' if not to disparage?  Whatever, end of rant and apologies to anyone that is bothered by the fact that I brought this up. I will just say as a  current resident of the southeast the routine bashing of southerners does get tiresome and only adds to the divisions in our country. I was a  longtime resident of  California recently transplanted here and am often shocked by nasty comments about this part of the country. Oh well life goes on!

On Sat, Nov 27, 2021 at 5:41 PM Fred Cisin <cisin@...> wrote:
I agree that this is an ARCANE AUTO discussion group.

While I agree with you, in principle, about prejudicial remarks about
southerners (AND DamnYankees), I don't feel that THIS collection implies
what you claim that it does.

Starting from the beginning:
1) If you have and use an electric lawnmower, as is common and very
appropriate for tiny suburban lots, and have a one time need to mow an
area that is past reach of extension cords, this makes sense.

2) If you are vulnerable in a high crime area (notice the license plate is
NOT southern USA), the implied threat against interference makes sense.

3) (Notice that it is NOT "bolted to")  Rather than spend an inappropriate
amount of money for a bespoke grill cart, if you might want to
be able to move it, especially while still hot; it makes sense.

4) If you have an injury, or suffer the indignities of age, a crotch
rocket can become unusable, and a luxury conversion to a cruiser makes

5)  I love it!  Go price the costs of building a bridge, especially a
covered one!  A low, or no, cost prefab covered bridge, that can be
installed in hours, not weeks, makes sense.

I am not a Trump lover, and no longer live in the southeast.  I might be a
cracker or a moron, but I am not offended by these, and think that they
all exhibit very clever problem solving.

I can go cordless for #1;
fortunately, I am not in a place needing #2;
#3 is a superb repurposing temporarily or even permanently, although I
would add hooks and maybe even a folding tray to the handle for holding
grill items;
I wouldn't have bought a bike like #4 with jockey/English racer seating
I am impressed with the brilliant solution in #5, although a decade ago, I
sold my piece of land up by the American River.

Grumpy Ol' Fred

On Sat, 27 Nov 2021, morticia wheeler wrote:

> As a resident of the south I am quite tired of what appears to be the last
> acceptable discriminatory dig i.e .southerner. By the way it appears as if
> none of those pictures are even taken in the south. Not everyone in the
> southeast is a cracker or a moron  or a Trump lover so please give it a
> rest. I thought this was an arcane auto discussion site.

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