Re: Why did this bring Ken to mind?

Ken Nelson

Scott, a co. named Wilcap out of Pismo beach makes all sorts of adapters for Mopar and other brands.  And a fellow in SJ at roadtoysunlimited@... evidently does conversions, so I'll be talking with them in Dec or Jan.  PS: on the A3 card, the premium 200 mile card has the Tripinterruption coverage but maybe not others.  


On Mon, Oct 11, 2021 at 9:08 AM Scott Davis <evlist@...> wrote:

Good tip on AAA, thanks.  They've always been good to me as well.

For the later Torqflite, can you swap an adapter
at the back of the block, put new holes in the
block, or do you need to make some sort of adapter/spacer?


At 02:13 PM 10/10/2021, you wrote:
>I just like the oddballs, but now i've got to
>find someone in SJ who can upgrade my '64
>Bristol with a working later model Torqueflite autobox. Â
>Mine bit the dust as Cindy and I were turning
>off 101 to joinit a rally group inn Pescadero
>two yrs ago, and the slushbox died on us -
>couldn't turn right to go to the motel we could
>see from the intersection - not a single gear
>left.  Long story short, thanks to a savvy
>towtruck driver, my AAA covered all costs
>associated with the breakdown 170 miles from
>home.  The guy said I had to tell A3 that I had
>a "trip interruption" event, and that code word
>got me paid for food, hotel, gas for rental car,
>and car rental charge - everything involved in
>getting us home.  So keep thqt in mind folks if
>similar thing happens to you.  Now I just have
>to get the car to this mechanic in SJ when I get
>back and have him do the conversion to a later Torqflite.
>On Sun, Oct 10, 2021 at 4:12 PM David Russel
><<mailto:djrussel@...>djrussel@...> wrote:
>You do get your fingers into a lot of pies.Â
>The 2 SUs at that angle and float chamber so
>close to exhaust manifold gives me jitters.Â
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>>On Oct 9, 2021, at 10:22 PM, Ken Nelson
>><<mailto:citbuff@...>citbuff@...> wrote:
>>David, see my comments re the Bristol on BAT -
>>just finished them.  This one and I have a
>>tiny bit of history, but I was able to get a
>>much more original one a few years ago.
>>On Sat, Oct 9, 2021 at 2:21 AM David Russel
>><<mailto:djrussel@...>djrussel@...> wrote:
>>Nice little 6 cylinder at Fantasy Junction, posted on BaT
>>Maybe Ken will visit it with its younger (?) but more powerful sibling.

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