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While we're discussing steering types we need to understand that 2 wheeler steering is a completely different dynamic from 3 or more wheels.  About the only time you actually steer a 2 wheeler with the steering system is while pushing it around in the shop.  On the road if you push the handle bar with the right hand, the bike will lean to the right and turn right with very little deflection of the steering system.  Some call this reverse steering.  It is completely natural to us from the first time we learn to ride a 2 wheeler.  Put on a side car and you will have to steer with the handle bars like a kid on a tricycle, a completely different feeling.

OEC in the UK ran for years with a steering system that is hard to describe. It's not really hub center but something entirely different. Jack Costella of Bonneville streamliner fame used an exaggerated OEC system which shifted the center of gravity to allow steering without leaning (theoretically).  Of course Bonneville requires very little steering deflection.

Steering engine and all as seen on the Bond Minicar and Tempo trucks (and dodge'm bumper cars) has worked well enough on single wheel drive systems, but seldom tried on two wheel drive setups.  Micron, and Seldon's original patent design are the only two I know of and I'm not sure if Seldon's ever ran.  Solid axle steering has serious disadvantages, as anyone who ever went down a fast hill on an American Flyer wagon and tried to maneuver can attest to, despite body english.

Dick Tuttle

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The reason for cuter hub steering design on the motorcycles is to insulate the suspension inputs from the steering inputs, so that bumps don’t induce steering changes, and steering inputs don’t induce suspension changes.
Not a new design. Originally used on 1921 Neracar motorcycle.
Steering engine cradle design on Micron car is very different and does not accomplish this same objective. Also, Bond Minicar used similar steerable engine cradle.

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