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Fred Cisin

On Fri, 24 Sep 2021, Charles via wrote:
The reason for cuter hub steering design on the motorcycles is to insulate the suspension inputs from the steering inputs, so that bumps don’t induce steering changes, and steering inputs don’t induce suspension changes.
Not a new design. Originally used on 1921 Neracar motorcycle.

This discussion reminds me of the Joan Claybrook Safety Motorcycle.
There appears to be only one picture in existence of it, and that is with it partially disassembled.

A NHTSA project at half a million dollars,
Rear wheel steering.
If you look at the picture of it, in the picture it looks like it is heading to the left. It isn't. It is pointing to the right!
They also had to add outrigger "training wheels", when nobody successfully rode it without injury (it was touted to improve motorcycle safety).
The seatbelt interlock! also made it very difficult to "walk" it, when broken down, or ended up somewhere that couldn't readily be ridden out.

She was also the first person that I was aware of to initiate a "bell the EV" campaign, to demand that electric vehicles MUST be made noisier.
Some years ago, I sat down with an engineer with a Tesla, and we worked out what would be needed for a sound safety system. Rather than "LOUD PIPES SAVE LIVES", we decided on a system with MP3 input, with volume and nature of sound changing according to vehicle speed and proximity of other objects. The driver could select a base sound. My choices were "steam locomotive" and "elephant stampeded".

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