Re: Another Lame Lane (almost) car

Ken Nelson

I'd like to see the enngineering of the front end also - sure it  looks like a flexible flyer sled, but it's still a car! 


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This is a very interesting car and I would like to know more about it. The narrative was kind of subjective, superficial and negative and left me wondering about a lot of features of the car, like the type of engine and how the axle steering (Bedelia style) worked with front wheel drive (Seldon patent style).  Seems like he could have found out how reverse worked. It looked nicely made with limber suspension.  I'll have do some research.

Dick Tuttle

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What a hilarious, strange little car. Kudos to Micron for trying something different. Apparently not very good, but certainly different. Emoji

Geoff K.

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