[FIAT America] '80 2000 Spider

Larry Sacks

I forwarded the pink Spider to Fiat America…. Christ Obert, the owner of FiatPlus.com replied…. 

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I know the car. It was born an automatic, but is now a 5 speed. In other ways it's a bitsa, but it has lots of potential.

A lady was driving down the road out a state and saw the car for sale at the driveway of a farmhouse. No idea about Fiats, but "I want it" because of the color. Took a bit to get it past smog, but I did it. Then the trans gave out.

A young man bought it, and drove it with the bad trans. It had some major front suspension issues, so he just drove it around town and rented a car when he needed to go out of town. Those two went thru a set of front tires.

Then an older gent bought it. He promptly broke the air flow meter, so I fixed that and the reason that everyone else didn't want to do that broke it. Then I rebuilt the trans. My front suspension estimate was too expensive, so he had his neighbor fix that. He did not like the Iron Cross wheels, so he bought these aftermarket wheels from, I think, JT. Then it came back top me when the front suspension still had issues, so I fixed that. The neighbor did another alignment.
I saw it around town a few times, but then the older guy passed on.

The estate is now offering the car. They got it smogged at Saaborama (the owner owns a Spider) so they could sell it. Lots of interest, but I see no buyers. It should be able to do what a car needs to do, and the next caretaker can take care of the remaining issues while he or she drives it.

No matter what, it's the color of this car that keeps new owners wanting it.

Chris Obert

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