Re: Can anyone recommend a shop nearby

Raymond Nierlich

Sujit gave you British and European, which are the only shop I know in your area. 

Don't know what your budget or objectives are but I have a used 1098 engine extra to my needs if that is interesting to you. It turns, looks decent, but otherwise unknown condition. Personally, as most of the "A" series engines can be swapped with minimal difficulty, I prefer the 1275. A 1098 may be a less expensive way to get her going again and gain some power too. If you are keeping the car all original, repair your 948, but if not a 1275 makes a different car of it.

I would mention to all that the annual UBSCC  Dixon swap meet and show is on the 19th of this  month. I have found some excellent stuff at the swap meet in the past years. Normally in May but this year nothing is normal. Great people, great show and swap, but only British!

cell. 831-235-0414

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Hi Ray


I am in East Palo Alto. I have Hagerty Towing so I can take it almost anywhere





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Where are you located?
Ray Nierlich
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My 1958 Morris Minor 948 cc  4cy blew a piston. I took the head off and had it rebuilt. I found then it that  a piston has a hole in the edge.
. I do not have anywhere to do the work myself  so I need to take it to a shop. Any recommendation?
 Michael Gabriel


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