Re: JDM fans - is an Infiniti J30t worth resurrecting?

Geoff Kirkpatrick

Thanks all for the suggestions. I will try the ether idea. The car has individual coil packs, not a distributor with plug cables, so I'm not sure if the spark plug test works with this system. At first I tried starting the car on the old gas in the tank, then thought better of it. I bought a fancy siphon on Amazon and used it to drain the old, very stinky gas, then added a couple of gallons of fresh fuel. Matt also gave me input about checking the in-tank fuel pump and disconnecting the fuel rail to see if it sprays fuel when cranked. Worst case, I can get all new injectors, coil packs, and a fuel pump for about $350 online so if I get ambitious I may go that route. I just kind of feel bad about sending the car to the junkyard for what is almost certainly a repairable fault. Thanks all for the information!

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