Re: Down shifting a manual car to slow down

Ken Nelson

Matt, I’ll be in town for jul 31
- where does Silicon Valley club meet?  Is it in Ladera lot on Alpone rd in Portola valley?


On Jun 27, 2021, at 3:33 PM, Stephen Cooper <oobowls@...> wrote:

Interesting conversation.  Since I've been driving a few months short of 60 years, I can certainly speak from experience.  For the record, I have yet to wear out/nor replace any clutches.
I too am from the camp wherein my father taught me to "use your gears to slow down because gasoline is cheaper than replacing your brakes".

Now then, I just paid $3.85 per gallon to fill up yesterday and that's roughly 20 times as much as when the lesson was given.

However back in high school I earned $1.50 per hour working at Foster's Freeze. While the average dealer's non-supervisory workers made $2.16 per hour out here in the West during 1962.

According to : average cost to replace a clutch today is $843...
And the average cost of a brake job today would be $270-$375 per axle according to :

So, based on my history of never having had any clutches wear out in 60 years of owning many many vehicles (as many of you in the club know, I have a history of BUYING  vehicles but seldom selling them) but I have had a couple of brake jobs,

I'd say my dad's advice was good.  Even at $3.85 per gallon, gas is still cheaper than a brake job and I have NEVER  had a case of "brake-fade" while coming down a long grade on a hot day.

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