Re: JDM fans - is an Infiniti J30t worth resurrecting?

Ken Nelson

Another thought Geoff - have you pulled a plug cable, stuck another plug in it and laid it on a grounding point on the engine to see if it sparks when ENG is cranked?  If it sparks then spraying brakekleen in air inlet should get it to fire.   Beyond that maybe injectors aren’t working or fuel pump.  


On Jun 27, 2021, at 7:29 PM, Bruce Dewing via <tralfaz42@...> wrote:

Have you tried using ether spray?  Have you done a compression test?

On Sunday, June 27, 2021, 12:14:42 PM PDT, Geoff Kirkpatrick via <britcarnut@...> wrote:

I've cleaned the Infiniti up a bit and have attempted to start it, without success. It cranks nicely but there's nothing resembling an attempt at catching. I'm not accustomed to working on cars that have fuel injection, coil packs, ECUs, and all that newfangled stuff from the 1980s on up. It's been at least seven or eight years since the car last ran. Is there perhaps some priming of the fuel pump or the injection system needed? Are there any other "Semi-Modern cars for Idiots" suggestions for where I might look? I'm torn on what to do with this car. It turns out it was never put on non-op so the DMV wants $700+ if someone should try to register it. Its market value even if it's up and running is negligible. But it's fundamentally a nice and rather rare car. The title is lost and I'm on my own, having to do a lien sale just to get the title so I can dispose of it somehow. <IMG_9859.JPG><IMG_9856.JPG><IMG_9855.JPG><IMG_9854.JPG><IMG_9853.JPG>

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