Re: I seldom have posted directly to this group. One time I did resulted in me selling my Singer Roadster and my beloved '66 VW 23 window sunroof bus I'd owned for 32 years

Larry Sacks

I know someone who might be interested but he is asking if you can clarify what you mean by ‘you’re willing to pay for the work?’   

“My shop rate is $85 per hour.  I can sometimes lower it a bit.”  If that price fits his budget, I have more questions.  

On Tue, Jun 8, 2021 at 10:06 PM Stephen Cooper <oobowls@...> wrote:
Well, it time for me to ask for help.  As some of you are aware, I became the first man in the world to drive 4000 miles across the USA in a 4 door, 3 wheel, 2 cylinder, 1 headlight Chinese car in June 2014.  While I was doing that, my friend Luke was in the process of driving around the world in a 20's car.  When he got back I interviewed him and posted the interview on YouTube under the title "he drove 16,000 miles in a westerly direction".  You can find it today if you merely type that into Google.  Anyway, the reason for my post tonight is to try to find a mechanic who would enjoy working on some of the weirdest cars around.  None of the shops who profess to work on "foreign cars" will work on anything that is not listed in Pep-boys parts catalogue. 

So, even though Dick Tuttle has the smallest car in the world, (I've toured the Isle of Man twice), I have no less than 4 Chinese built cars, one 3 wheeled Reliant Rialto, one MG Midget, 2 Smart car convertibles (a 2013 gas and a 2014 electric), my 1970 VW single cab pickup which I bought in October '84 with 68k miles on it. (it just turned a bit over 100k miles) and the motor has never been touched aside from valve adjustments every 3k miles/ditto oil changes.  I've had my '87 Honda Helix scooter since 2009 and now it has all of 7500 miles on it. My 2 Miles ZX40 LSV electric cars are on non-op since all 12 AGM lead acid batteries gave up back in 2012.  I still have my red Miata with the shark's teeth in front, albeit the car is red/white/blue stripes since it carried Uncle Sam in the 2018 San Jose 4th of July parade. The video of that featuring the Car Guy interviewing me can be found on You Tube also. My luxurious Chrysler Town and Country took my cat and I to 9 states and up to the Canadian  border back in June 2017. (he did not have his passport so we could not enter).

I just finished 6 days of touring Marin and Mendocino counties in 1915 and 1925 Model T Fords last week.  Last month we toured through Yosemite and you have not lived until you've been served prime rib in the Ahwahnee Hotel in a cardboard box and eaten it with plastic silverware..........definitely an experience to remember.

Now back to the reason for my lengthy post.  I'm searching for the old fashioned mechanic who would love to work on peculiar vehicles because he loves things mechanical and would enjoy finding ways to do something with vehicles you cannot jog down to pep-boys to obtain parts.  I am totally willing to PAY for the work, I'm not looking for a handout.  Just someone who loves mechanic-ing.

My 2012 Chinese car's rubber fuel line has rotted away, and the door sealing rubbers have shrunk and the thin thin paint has rusted off the roof.
My 2009 Chinese car's headlights went out and so the electric wiring and Chinese fuses led me to parking that in a garage years ago.
My 1984 Reliant Rialto apparently blew a head gasket a few years ago so its also stored in a garage........I really do miss driving that car!  It won a 3' tall perpetual  trophy for Best of Show in May 2013 in Yorkshire, England where I bought it and shipped it here later that year.
My 1970 long bed VW truck's bed has rusted away and needs either replacement metal welded in OR a nice sheet of diamond plate aluminum fastened securely over the original bed on top and down in the storage compartment underneath the main bed.
The 2007 and 2011 Miles electric cars each only have about 1200 miles apiece on them, but all they need is new batteries.  They too are stored indoors since 2012.
The 1996 Miata was purchased in '98 with 22k miles and it now has all of 60k needs a fresh red/white/blue striped paint job.
 Okay, I'll probably get chewed out for this long winded post, but just put it down to my 2nd or 3rd post since the inception of the Arcane group got started.

Oh, one last important thing..............I'm looking hard and fast for a utility trailer / car hauler with which I can transport a 108 year old car that weighs about 1500 lbs.  An Aluma 6 x 12 would do since those only weigh about 650 lbs,  but anything under 1000 lbs would work also.  An covered trailer would be far better, but the higher weight would negate my ability to pull it with my 4 liter V6 Minivan..

UNLESS there is someone in the Society who has a trailer I could borrow when I need to take my cars on tours .............:-)

oobowls signing off.

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