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Ken Nelson

Absolutely right 600miles - just rehabbed the starter for a friend's '39 Traction Avant - starter's are really just rearranged generators, and you can "motor" a generator if you know what you're doing.  The '39 starter was just dirty with grease so thick it kept the brushes from moving in their brackets and the springs couldn't move them well enough to maintain contact with the commutator.  A good cleaning, including cleaning out the grease in the insulator grooves between comm segments, then polishing the commutator with fine grit scotchbrite wheel and relubing bearings made it like new.  Same treatment works for gens also, so if you learn how to do one or the other, the rest are the same - pretty straightforward.  I can pass on a trick for reinstallng the brushes if anyone is interested - email me offline - 

Alternators also are easy to rebuild with parts off Fleabay, from brushes to diodes to bearings - easy DIY if you just TRY, and learn from that.  For all my cars, I throw out the early alts and replace with bulletproof Delco CS130s from PNP - dirt cheap, and many different case variations with same guts - just find one whose mounting points are close enough so all you have to do is make a simple bracket adapter out of angle iron or strap iron.


On Fri, May 28, 2021 at 7:57 AM 600miles <z600miles@...> wrote:
Easy to fix generators on your own, probably just brushes. I rebuilt my wife's Packard gen & starter  as well as my Powell starter.

When I had my 48 Chief back in 1981, we had a vw regulator on it, thats what Bill at Antique and Modern told me to use. 

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