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Ken Nelson

What is it about these calipers that makes them unrebuildable?  Do the frames corrode or crumble from rust?  What happens to be unobtainium for these critters??  I'm curious, as I've seen all sorts of strange disc caliper designs, and the ones on  my '64 Bristol 408 are the most bizarre I've seen, yet they're Dunlops - same as used on some Jags and Ferraris, but they're still weird, yet rebuildable.  


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Thank you, but no.

I was jokingly referencing Lou's plea HERE for help finding front calipers
for 1973 Honda Civic.   (Is a conversion to electric "arcane" enough?)

Unfortunately, they may be getting harder to find.  And I no longer have
any contacts in the Honda realm.  I'm no longer even getting help requests
from my Honda book.

The early Civic brakes were quite noisy.  They tried special shims, etc.
OB_Anecdote:  In 1976?, for the Accord, Don Laughton mentioned that his
Fiat brakes were quiet, so Honda studied those and changed design.

If the American Honda dealers don't have them, have you tried Canada?
OB_Anecdote: In about 1980, we got in a basket case NON-USA NON-CVCC
Canadian Accord for cylinder head work, that Boas Pontiac/Honda (SF) had
disassembled without having checked on parts availability.  American Honda
was unable to help.  I called Clarke-Simpkins Toyota/Honda in Vancouver BC
(now Carter? Honda ?), and in a few days, UPS dropped
off everything that we needed.  (You might need to know the multi-part
Honda part number, rather than the 6? digit American Honda number; Miles
got my parts catalogs)

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> I'm assuming Fred is on some Honda forum. I'm sure someone can help their.
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>  On Wed, Apr 28, 2021 at 5:34 PM, Fred Cisin<cisin@...> wrote:   Do Manny, Moes, and Jack have any Civic brake calipers?
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