Re: If you really really want one

Ken Nelson

Well guys, I've got about 10 Panhards for sale, since losing my storage Feb. 2020 - They're all 15 mins out of W. Sacramento, was with them Friday shoring up a barn housing 4 of them.  Also took pics of my '62 ID19 wagon which runs but has bad rodknock.  This car comes with a rebuilt shortblock and lots of spares. Will be posting it shortly on FB and wherever else I can.  Its original upholstery was the bamboo cane weave type, bench front seat.  it's a pretty original car, and I have several extra 165-400 Michelin X  tires for it.

One of the Panhards is a Dyna  Z12 like the ad here, and I will be starting it up probably next wk.  I traded a friend my '53 Junior for this car and he told me the car runs and came out of Ariz.  I also saved Don Racine's collection of gearbox and engine parts, complete cyls, brakes, transmission parts, and most of those are available.  I hope to have photos next week for anyone interested, altho I do have pics of the '62 ID wagon I can send out soon - 

Ken Nelson 
Palo Alto

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