Re: [CaliforniaMelee] [KingsMtn] Dedicated sheriff and highway patrol this weekend on skyline

Red Fred

You get no sympathy here.  I pay the same fuel, & registration fees & taxes, yet only suffer from the lesser use of my paid for roads & right of ways.  SF has been completely ruined by the likes of this mentality.  It is now expanding to enjoyment riders who threaten the roads of those that need them for life; Kings Mtn Road for example;  Now  has a solid double yellow line as implemented by cry baby bikies.  This translates to a 2mph bikie struggling up the hill, which will not allow any vehicle to pass it whilst crossing said line.  Tickets have already been issued for this.  I live in this environment, and hear the stories of residents trying to access their jobs from necessity, only  to be penalized by tourists who use these venues for enjoyment.
  I am well aware of the tacks they throw out for the bikies.  And rightfully so.
   I only forwarded this post to let road users know of the heightened  patrol.  
   These are MOTOR related forums; not bikie forums.   I only spread the word of my local neighborhood forums (which are suffering the likes of non-road tax payers).  If you don't like the message, then perhaps you should sign off of motorized forums?  From my point of view, being awakened at 4am from screaming bikies, and watching their deterioration of our fossil fuel paid for infrastructure disgusts me.  
   Bikies have really changed the City and the Skyline for the worst.  Just ask your local CHP.  Facts & methane

What a twisted world.

On Fri, Mar 26, 2021 at 9:59 PM brian potter <tbag@...> wrote:
But if you pay no road taxes or fees, and ride a bicycle, they are willing to bend over backwards for you.
Can we please do without the sniping at cyclists? I ride a bicycle ... I also just paid almost $800 to re-register my cars, and pay a ton of gas taxes too.

Thank you. 

- brian

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Be warned, RF.

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Dear community,
I received a very nice email from Captain Corpus  of the the Sheriff’s office.  She let me know that the Sheriffs and  the Highway Patrol and will be providing dedicated coverage Saturday and Sunday on Skyline from hwy 84 to hwy 92. 


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