Re: CA VIN verifier recommendation needed

Chris Ice

I've seen mixed reports afa whether DMV will accept mobile vin-verifiers anymore.  I'm sure others will loudly correct me if not.  I had zero issues having CHP do the verification on my trike and my old MINI; went to San Jose (took it on a trailer - u-haul rents them easy enough).  DMV will then have nothing to complain about.

If the vehicle is driveable, you can always ask DMV for a "parade pass" - they used to give out 1-day move-it tags that allow you to operate on public roads for a day (I say used to because I haven't tried this for over 15 yrs).  It's valid for a day, and perhaps you have to make your CHP appt first to get the date, then get the DMV parade-pass for that date.  Or just go U-Haul, or maybe even AAA could be an option to tow it your thing...then tow it back.

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