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Ken Nelson

Fred, I stumbled on Matt and Patty at Alice's and found his brk pedal had hit the floor, and he was awaiting an AAA tow.  Seems his MC is a dual diameter design, to do fast fill of calipers via large piston, then smaller takes over to boost the pressure, and something stuck inside, which he's seen before.  
Last night he told me they'd had to wait over 4 hrs there on 35 for the tow - not a happy situation.  I hope to see him Mon and get a look at his MC, as I've been rebuilding my own brakes since I got my Grandfather's Whizzer at 13.  I switched the rear pistons on my Panhard to brass when I got a good slug of the metal, as they would often stick - steel pistons in iron bores just like each other too much in DOT3.  So far, no sticking.  They got home somehow - probably with Miles as they couldn't ride with the towdriver - Thanks again for hosting us all - 


On Sun, Dec 6, 2020 at 1:44 PM Red Fred <redfred47@...> wrote:
We had a swell drive yesterday, w/o much traffic!  Prompted by the Fiat Owners Group I belong to, I was pressured to organize a little informal, impromptu drive in my local area to see the changing of the leaves.   
    We met in Burlingame, and it was pretty cool to see fellow Arcaners, who were in Fiats!   I cheated and brought my '33 Ford PU, but had a dead Fiat door in the back for all to see.   These doors are an achilles heel, and I brought for show & tell.
    I'm just wondering if there have been any Matthew sightings, as he was last known waiting for AAA at Alices' with his brakeless Facel.   I may have to send the elves with some hot eggnog krispies if he's still there?

Merry Motoring, RF.

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