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Red Fred

Hi Gang,
   Afraid that I'm a dinosaur on this computer thing, and I can't quite keep separate who I spoke to on the Fiat Chat line, and who hit me up personally.  But there was discussion of a fall colors drive in my vicinity.   It appears that the colors have actually blossomed since we spoke last.   Yep, it's gotten cold up here, and things are dying & falling off.   Then there are the leaves!
    SO, Saturday seems like an ideal day to start a drive at the Burlingame SAFEWAY parking lot at Howard & El Camino at say 10:00am.   Then we motor up a block or two to Ralston, to meander on the road that parallels 280 south for an exit or two, hop on 92 West across the "lakes", up to 35 (Skyline), and head toward Alices.   If there is enough interest in naked, exposed 124 Spider doors, and there are only a few of us, we can pull off at my place and inspect my attempt at dissecting said parts.  Either way, it makes for a good pit stop; of course all PPE, masks, shields, etc.... should be in effect.   From there we can motor on to Alices, and make another pit stop if need be.
    Traversing to 84 West at the "Corners" should really start to bring in the colors as we descend out of the Redwoods, and out onto the longer, sweeping, high speed turns heading to the coast, and San Gregorio's General Store.
    Today I noticed lots of color from 92, up 35 (past the latest murder scene) to Alices.   From Alices' & the corners, there is a lot of color on 84 toward the Coast.    So here's a quick, impromptu suggestion for those looking for color, especially before any nasty weather.   I am at an all new low, and may have to resort to something out of club limits to attend, but so what.  It will most likely be the oldest buggy in attendance!   

   I will extend this offer to our brothers in the Arcane society.  Please chime in with responses to let us know what to expect, or not. 

Cordially, RF.

On Sat, Nov 28, 2020 at 10:45 PM Larry Sacks LMSacks@... [fiatamerica] <fiatamerica@...> wrote:

I was telling Christina tonight about your trip along 84 seeing the fall colors.  

50 Indians?  They would take up a bit less space than Spiders or X1/9s.  

Your fear of X1/9s is warranted.  If you own one, you might just want to get some others.  For a while I had 2, but am back to just 1... driving one is addictive....


On Sat, Nov 28, 2020 at 8:51 PM Fred Johansen redfred47@... [fiatamerica] <fiatamerica@...> wrote:

Well, you are always welcome here for a pit stop.  And I am not against bringing the gang also.  I just need a heads up to make sure I'm home.

Your message about the two 124 personalities is spot on!   I feel myself falling in the same trap I did with the Indian Motorcycles; I needed a bike for every mood..   At one time, I had 50 Indians!   I'm afraid of trying an X19, as I fear that I will have to have one, or two?

Merry Motoring, RF.

On Sat, Nov 28, 2020 at 7:58 PM fiatdan fiatdan@... [fiatamerica] <fiatamerica@...> wrote:

Hey Fred,
After reading about your fun drive down the coast, I'm thinking I need to do that too! 
Thanks for the waking me up from my Thanksgiving food stupor.
Dan Y

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Hi All,
    I did a blast down Skyline & 84 today during a test session on my new (new to me anyway) '82 124 Spider.   I'm impressed with the FI!   Especially since this car sat for 15 years!   New tank, new filter & pump, and I'm off!
    Anyway, from Alices' to the Coast was afire with fall colors & leaves.   There was a lot of week end types out also though.



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