Re: Electrical connectors?

Fred Cisin

On Mon, 16 Nov 2020, 600miles wrote:
Global Metrics in Belmont has a Buttload of high quality automotive connectors, fuses, bulbs, room lamps etc. They have odd hours but you can shop in person. They have sample boards and you pick the ones you want and they scurry off into the back and fetch your parts. 650-592-2722  They don't have a website but do have email. Lori Aldrighette Lori is one of the 2 owners.
If that's the same company as 45 years ago, . . .
They were the first one to supply us with the right fasteners.
Flange/washer head screws and bolts: (others said, "just use a washer, nobody cares whether replacement bolts look the same")

12mm heads for 8x1.25: (VW, etc. used 13mm heads; others said, "you have both wrenches, why would it matter? Or just replace all of them to convert the Japanese car over to what everybody else (VW) is using.")

metric nutserts: (others said, "what's wrong with switching the 6mm to 1/4-20?")

Grumpy Ol' Fred

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