Re: Electrical connectors?

Scott Davis

I have had good experiences with UJM (Universal Japanese Motorcycle) kits off Ebay. In addition to being correct for fixing my Honda bikes, they are also useful elsewhere. Use the gold plated connectors, rated for the right current, and purchase the correct crimper. $30 sets you up for a while.

Also of note are Delphi weatherpack. They have the ability to be used in the engine bay.

I would not trust anything from Harbor Freight. Same with the local parts stores, they have fallen off in recent times. We have Marvac down in LA to get good stuff same day.


At 04:27 PM 11/16/2020, you wrote:

Is there a good place to get electrical connectors - butt splice plugs, bullet connectors, etc? I've been going to O'Reilly and Pepboys but the quality seems a bit lacking at times.

I'm in Santa Clara so something in the south bay would be preferred. Or if you know of a reputable online retailer, that could work too.



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