Re: Help with registering a car in California

sujit roy

Last night I  looked over all the papers I got with the car. It was registered in CA. The document shows a license expiration date of 09/08/91. I got the car either in May or June of 2013.
I also found a registration card with the owner's name. It seems the registered owner didn't pay a fee for towing and storage and hence the lien sale.
I'd like to avoid going back and forth to DMV. Mentioned in this email trail, go and get verification of the car by CHP. Based on the papers I have, should I still do this and how do I go about involving the CHP? Will an officer come to my house?
Also mentioned,  I need to take the car to a DMV verification place, how do I do this? Do I get it towed there? It's not registered and it doesn't have a license plate. However, the papers show it had a license plate of 1RUS067.
Thanks in advance.

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