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Matthew Spielberg

We also more recently had the DMV in Sacramento reject a DMV VIN verification.

The back of the VIN verification form has lots of exceptions to what "VIN verifiers," other than the CHP can do. REG 31 is the form.

Also note that, if you are taking an out of state vehicle in for a VIN verification, (and maybe others) that CHP office must be in the county in which you intend to register the vehicle. The idea is that, if the verifier finds a problem, like a stolen vehicle, you will not be allowed to drive off in that vehicle.

So if you intend to register in a "no smog" county, (where you happen to have your summer castle), you need the CHP to be in that county.

BTW, needed to VIN verify 4 Toyotas, all with incorrect years. CHP in Castro Valley actually did a house call.

On 10/13/2020 12:50 PM, David Russel wrote:
Having had a manager (not the clerk who was being very helpful, accommodating, and about to approve when her manager overheard part of our conversation and came over to check out the paperwork) reject the verification done by the DMV verifier at her location, I suggest getting the verification done by the CHP.  When the DMV manager rejected her own co-workers verification I asked what would be acceptable and she said she would accept it from the CHP.  On request she gave me the CHP phone number she had on file and as I recall the call went thru without any exhausting phone menu tree BS.  The inspecting officer invited me to come over and said he'd try to fit me in between his appointments and when I arrived his next appointment was late and he took me immediately.  He laughed at the DMV's CYA refusal, looked the car over noting chassis # and Data plate information, and signed off on the verification.  Back at the DMV with the CHP approval it all went smoothly.

Not saying that other locations and different players will also reject their in-house verifier, but having it done by CHP will give you an edge.

On Tue, Oct 13, 2020 at 12:34 PM Keith Murphy via <> wrote:
1. Ask CA DMV if a “file” exists for your VIN and CA lic plate number.

2. If NO file exists, your VIN and/or CA lic plate are not in file - no fines are due, as no file record exist.

3. Start a new DMV file: start an  application for original title and ownership - you will need a VIN verification done at DMV field office, establish the value of the vehicle for CA tax & DMV fee purposes.

* Bend over, catch your breath, and hope your not dealing with a DMV official who wants to administratively make your day, month and year - just ask for all your paperwork back and regroup and go to another DMV field office, yourself having fixed any mistakes that might have been brought to light by your first close encounter of the DMV kind ...

On Oct 13, 2020, at 11:24 AM, sujit roy via <> wrote:

I got a Triumph Stag as a parts car. It was too good to part out and over the years I was able to get enough parts to get it running.
I have some paperwork for it as it was sold under a lien. I never registered it.
I would like to register this car now in CA. How do I go about registering it and what is the process?
I've had the car for many years and am hoping to avoid any penalties for not registering the car even under the PNO status.
Any advice appreciated.
Regards, Sujit

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