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Matthew Spielberg

At least 2 ways to go, depending on what the DMV thinks is the status of the title.

If you have all of the lien sale documents showing that you purchased the vehicle, and are the owner, and the vehicle is on non-op status, then take the whole pile of paper to the DMV and put it into your name. You will just pay normal fees for the transfer.

Alternatively, if it is not on non-op status (in their computer), I have walked into the DMV with a declaration stating I own this, it has not been on the road in 10 years, I bought it and resurrected it, there are no liens against it, and I want title. You probably would have to do a VIN verification, and you start with new title. This is what I did for the prior owner of the Fiat 500 which I now own.

I had a whole pile of paperwork for that Fiat 500 brought in from Italy by a military friend. And I mean a whole pile of paper. I walked in with a declaration from the owner, signed by the owner, and walked out with plates. (Note that the declaration by the owner, signed by him, did not say no liens. Woman behind the counter said needs to say "no liens", and had me use a pen to add that language to the declaration, and accepted it. Yeah, she knew that it was not my declaration, already signed. She just wanted to get the transaction finished, and get me out of the line)

On 10/13/2020 11:24 AM, sujit roy via wrote:
I got a Triumph Stag as a parts car. It was too good to part out and over the years I was able to get enough parts to get it running.
I have some paperwork for it as it was sold under a lien. I never registered it.
I would like to register this car now in CA. How do I go about registering it and what is the process?
I've had the car for many years and am hoping to avoid any penalties for not registering the car even under the PNO status.
Any advice appreciated.
Regards, Sujit

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